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Bank to Bank Transfer with

The best exchange rate.

Step 1

Please visit (click here) to send money directly to our recipient (full name of account holder): 1) Select the currency of the recipient, must be EURO. Amount (recipient gets): 28.50  2) As recipient (Name of the business) please fill in: MINKOV GLOBAL SERVIS DOOEL email: and fill in all data:

    • Account holder (pay to): MINKOV GLOBAL SERVIS DOOEL
    • IBAN: DE66 7001 1110 6053 6586 85 Bank code (SWIFT / BIC): DEKTDE7GXXX
    • Bank name: Handelsbank Country: GERMANY
    • Address: Elsenheimer Str. 41, DE80687-Munchen

After you filled all details, you will get invoice from Transferwise with reference number of your payment. Choose Bank to Bank transfer. You will get instructions which bank is the best for you to perform the payment.


Step 2

Visit the bank, bring your passport, invoice for your payment from our site (that you made for your purshuase) and invoice from Transferwise with reference number they give you.  You will pay the lowest commission choosing this way of payment.


Step 3

After making the money transfer, you will receive the receipt. It will be send to you by the bank office. In order to process your service immediately – please send to an email with a photo of your paid receipt.

Thank you!

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